Energy efficient single - home lift

Compatible with tight spaces


SHE is the home elevator designed specifically for domestic use. The technological advanced of our R & D department, and the high quality materials used in its manufacture, make SHE a unique elevator in the market.

We have managed to improve the performance of this type of elevators, adapting ourselves to the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.

Its lightness, low consumption, customizable design, accompanied by a silent engine in addition to the absence of counterweight, are intrinsic properties of this single-family elevator, which is ideal for installation in small spaces and has a perfect adaptation to the home environment.

cuanto cuesta instalar un ascensor unifamiliar

Home elevator for small spaces


Home elevator standard model

SHE 003 ascensor unifamiliar adaptado a personas con diversidad funcional

Home elevator adapted for people with reduced mobility



Elevator entirely conceived to achieve a more efficient use of energy: a low consumption motorized system, in addition to the use of technology in our materials in order to achieve a lighter and safer assembly, together with other details such as the automatic shutdown system of the car light.



With its integrating aesthetic, even customizable, you can make the elevator a unique piece of your home. SHE offers you the opportunity to take part in the design, adapting it to your likes and preferences.



Designed to facilitate assembly, reducing installation times, the necessary personnel for assembly as well as facilitating logistics. With no counterweight, SHE is comfortable to operate.



All the elements and materials used in its manufacture have been thought to provide an exclusive elevator at an affordable price. Its simplicity makes the installation of an elevator in your home less expensive than before.

Technical documentation for professionals.

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