Adapted to people with reduced mobility

S.H.E 003

The SHE-003 home elevator is designed to be used by people with reduced mobility. For this we have incorporated all the relevant requirements included in the regulations on people accessibility in elevators.

It is a single-phase electric elevator with low consumption and respectful with the environment that does not require counterbalance or machine room, which allows its installation in small spaces and to shorten installation times.

Design is another key factor of our elevators. For this we have several standard models and a wide range of finishes that make possible their integration in any type of housing. In addition, we give the possibility to customize the car panels, adapting to the likes and preferences of our customers.

  • Minimum gap : 1.230 x 1.220 mm
  • Car:

Minimum dimensions: 900 x 1.000 mm*.

Maximum dimensions: 1.000 x 1.250 mm*.

  • Automatic car doors.
  • Door free space: 600/700/800 mm.
  • Car free height: 2.100 mm.
  • Minimal scape: 2.600 mm.
  • Minimum pit:  190 mm.

*Check availability in other measures.

  • Traction type: electric-single phase 220v.
  • Type of drive: belts.
  • Nominal load: 300 kg.
  • Boardings: simple (possibility of double).
  • Maximum travel: 15m.
  • Minimum power: 1.5 kw.
  • Sliding doors:automatic.
  • Car doors: automatic.
  • Frequency converter. 
  • Rescue system for the opening of cabin doors (optional, if it incorporates doors in the car).
  • Automatic re-leveling.
  • Stop button in the car.
  • Bi-directional telephone.
  • Parachute driven by speed limiter.
  • Photoelectric barrier.
  • Continuous pulsation for when there are no cabin doors (mandatory).
  • Interlocking of landing and cabin doors when it has them.
SHE-003 1
carga máxima ascensor para casas S.H.E
300 KG


velocidad ascensores para casa
0,15 M/S


numero de personas máximo ascensor unifamiliar S.H.E


recorrido máximo ascensor unifamiliar S.H.E
15 M



cuanto cuesta instalar un ascensor unifamiliar

Home elevator for small spaces


Conventional size home elevator